Let me start by saying this: I own a LOT of movies. I have ever since I can remember. My family was one of those in the 90’s that had two bookshelves full of VHS tapes, including many of the puffy oversized disney ones. Buying and watching movies is in my blood. So of course when DVDs come out and I get to college, I start a collection of my own.

In college, I had a binder full of movies. My cases were all at home, and everyone I knew would come to me and borrow movies. I got lots of “oh wow, I can’t believe you have that movie,” or “that’s a LOT of movies… have you actually seen all of them?” To that I answer, of course I had seen all of the movies I owned. That’s why I bought them.

Then I met my husband, who, scarily enough, had just about as many movies as I did. When we moved in together and got married in 2010, we had to get rid of about 50 movies because they were duplicates. His sister and mine loved us. Free movies.

This is our movie collection today:


Enter the reason for starting this blog. Now when people ask “have you seen all those movies?” I sadly have to answer “no.” Half of them I’ve never seen. And many of them are classics, like the Godfather, or movies I have no interest in seeing, like Apocolypse Now. However, I am now undertaking the arduous task of actually watching every single movie my husband and I own. I will be going through shelf by shelf, watching each one in its entirety, even if I have no want to see it.

I’m going to post about each movie. My thoughts on it when I first saw it (if i remember), why I bought it, what I think of it now, and if I would recommend it. My eclectic nature and taste in movies I’m sure will be much different than many people, but I think it will be fun.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Barbara says:

    How is order going to be decided? Left to right? As the mood suits you? Can we make suggestions?

    • katejohns619 says:

      Well I’m going based on the rows. I’m literally just starting at the top and going across. This is also going to stp me from having to choose and keeping track of what i’ve watched and haven’t watched.

  2. great title for your blog btw 🙂

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