A Goofy Movie (1995)

“Do you need a break from modern living? Do you long to shed your weary load? When your brains are raw and your nerves are fried, just grab a friend and take a ride together, out on the open road.”

I feel like this movie has a bit of cult status. A lot of people have never heard of it. It was out in theaters, but I have to say, I never saw it then. I waited till it played on the Disney channel, then laughed so hard my sides got numb. When I got to college, I decided I needed to buy it; it was just that good. This seems to be the general consensus from people who have seen it. Most people who have seen it LOVE it. It’s reached this weird status with its fans that produce things like this on YouTube:

That’s not making fun of it: that is complete love right there. It is consistently the one animated movie that my husband will jump on the couch and agree to watch. And honestly? It makes sense. This is a funny movie that holds up really well. Before Disney Toons went down the tube and produced crap like Return to Neverland and all the Tinker Bell stuff, they made this little gem.

I think one of the main reasons it works so well is that we’ve all been there: it’s a story about the teenage years; that time when you hate your parents so much and are convinced they’ve got it out to destroy your life and ruin everything good that’s going on. But it also hits very well on the other side: the parent wanting nothing more but to keep his kid out of trouble and sharing with him memories and a trip he remembers taking when he was a kid. You get both sides, and they are both very well done.

It’s a road trip movie, but it’s also about finding common ground. It’s ridiculous and it’s also down to earth. The balance of the crazy and the heartfelt is amazingly well done. One minute Goofy and Max are running from Bigfoot, and the next they’re sharing memories of eating Alphabet soup. It tugs at your heartstrings while still managing to be laugh out loud funny and ridiculous.

The songs, in my opinion, make this movie. The jokes are great, the situations they find themselves in are very Disney cartoon-y, but the songs are just… wow. They’re catchy (if you don’t believe me, watch that video and attempt not to hum along by the end…). The lyrics are great. The Michael Jackson-ish rock star Powerline is awesome, and the ending number is worth every other minute you spent watching the movie.

Another things that interesting about this movie is how my perception of it has changed as I’ve aged. As mentioned before, it is a story about teenagers, aimed at the tweens/teen age group. This is when I first saw it. It was funny, I got some of the jokes, but some left me scratching my head, or at least wondering what it meant. As I watch this movie as an adult, I understand those jokes, and I honestly catch more and more each time I watch it. Like, did you know there’s a reference to the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” in it? The song “Nobody Else But You,” there’s a line… “Like we’re thrown in the drink.” Roger Rabbit. There’s no other way to interpret that. A movie made in 1995 is harking back to one of the greats. Awesome.

It’s strange. I really can’t find that much I dislike about this movie. It’s not an amazing feat of movie-making, but it’s good enough. The characters are great (we all know goofy and Pete, and PJ and Max, along with the other teenagers are very typical geeks/high schoolers) and the situations are things that only Disney could think up. I especially am partial to the “redneck amusement park” Lester’s Possum Park. I’m also pretty sure that this movie was the first time I experienced the BeeGees “Stayin’ alive,” and will forever associate that song with Bigfoot doing disco.

A Goofy Movie is a fun one that I would definitely recommend. Since it does deal with teenagers, it’s probably not appropriate for really young kids, although there really is nothing in it that’s inappropriate per se – they just won’t get it. It’s fun, hilarious, and heartfelt. It makes you want to call your parents after you watch it and apologize for anything horrible you might have ever said to them. Cause in the end, it’s your parents that stick with you through everything, and love you no matter what. Even if they’re prehistoric and love mambo – and so animated that they seem intoxicated. (Best line ever!)

I give A Goofy Movie 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Up next: An American Tail


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