Screw Comedies: Onto Disney!



Alright – I know I said I was doing comedies next, but given the fact that 2014 so far has been far from perfect, I find that even watching hilarious raunchy comedies do not satisfy my need to be happy. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, depressed about the weather, dealing with stress, sick, etc, one thing in my life remains constant: no matter how bad I’m feeling, The good old movies of Walt Disney Pictures Animation can always put a smile on my face.

I am 110% a Disney kid. I was a child in my impressionable years during the Disney Renaissance, and because of that, I have an extreme love of Disney (my recent obsession with Frozen is a good example…). Even when they put out horrible movies, I always have hope that they’ll return back on top (which they have FINALLY done in that past few years – go John Lassiter!). I own most movies in the Disney canon, with a few notable exceptions. And honestly, the movies I don’t own I find I don’t miss (with 2 or 3 exceptions – I’ll get to those and find some way to review them…).

Disney, for all the crap it gets sometimes about being racist, teaching people horrible lessons, and being nothing but recycled fluff, is amazingly tolerant and teaches AMAZING lessons. Sure, there’s always a happily ever after, but a lot of times, people need those happy endings. Movies and books are a way to escape, and in my mind, Disney movies are always a great way to do it.

Like with Miyazaki movies, Here’s my list of Disney movies ranked on my most favorite to my least favorite. These are Official Disney Canon movies, so Pixar and live action disney movies like Mary Poppins aren’t included. We’re talking animated classics here. In all reality, I love most of these, and will easily watch every single one of them. Theres only a few that I really can’t stand (I’m looking at you Cinderella…). And yes, I had this list already existing on my computer. Don’t judge me.


The Lion King


Beauty and the Beast


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Wreck-it Ralph


The Rescuers Down Under



Lilo and Stitch

The Princess and the frog


Brother Bear

The Emperor’s New Groove



The Little Mermaid

101 Dalmatians

Robin Hood

Lady & the Tramp



Sleeping Beauty

The Jungle Book

Oliver and Company

The Fox & the Hound


Fantasia 2000

Peter Pan


Meet the Robinsons*

The Sword & the Stone

The Rescuers

The Black Cauldron

Treasure Planet*

Alice in Wonderland

The Great Mouse Detective

Atlantis: The Lost Empire



Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs*

The Aristocats*

* = I do not own.

This IS just the official Disney canon, so sequels are not on this list. that being said, I do own 3 disney sequels, and I WILL be reviewing them in sequence. Most of those are god awful, but the three I own I actually like.  You also might notice that some official Disney canon movies aren’t on my list, such as Make Mine Music, Ichabod and Mr. Toad, etc. That is because I don’t own them and I honestly haven’t seen them all the way through (although I have seen parts of most of them on saturday morning cartoons growing up). therefore I didn’t rank those, nor will I be reviewing them. We’ll be going chronologically with what I own. So that being said….

Up Next: Dumbo (1941)



3 thoughts on “Screw Comedies: Onto Disney!

  1. Interesting list! I have a “Top 13 Disney Canon Films” list on my blog and we only share 4 of the same movies on our top 13, lol!

    • katejohns619 says:

      I saw your list, it’s great! I’m redoing mine as I go. It’s been so long since I’ve watched ALL my disney movies. I tend to get stuck rewatching a few over and over. We’ll see how things change!

  2. […] It took me more than a year, but I got through all of my Disney Animated movies! When we started, I gave a rank of all of the movies in the Disney canon from favorite to least favorite (including those I didn’t own). In case you’re curious, go here: […]

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